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Epoxy grouting

Ultrachem Grout EI

Two-component, low-viscosity, high-strength epoxy grouting to fill cracks and gaps in concrete of up to 10 mm. For gaps wider than 10 mm, use Ultrachem Grout EM230 .

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Grouting epoxy

Application area


Ultrachem Grout EI is used to fill cracks and gaps in concrete structures such as:

  • Beams and columns

  • Roof deck

  • Foundation

  • Water storage structure


  • Has a low viscosity

  • High compressive strength and not brittle

  • Good adhesion

  • Non - shrink

  • Resistant to chemicals

  • Easy application

  • Good tensile strength and flexural strength


Comp. A (Enamel) = 4 kg

Comp. B (Hardener) = 1 kg

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