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Membran bakar

Ultrachem Torch G

Torch-applied, bituminous waterproofing membrane with polyester fiber reinforcement and a granular mineral surface for UV protection

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Membran bitumen granular
Membran waterproofing

Granular surface

Application area

  • Concrete roof deck

  • Basement, retaining wall, and underground structures

  • Bridge

  • Terrace and balcony

  • Swimming pool

  • Ground water tank


  • No need for additional protection from UV rays, as long as the surface is not intended for heavy activities

  • High tensile strength due to polyester fiber reinforcement

  • Good resistance to puncture and mechanical damage

  • Guaranteed thickness

  • Practical


1 roll = 1 mx 10 m (10m)

Thickness: 3mm

Color: Green, Gray


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