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Ultrachem PU TOP

2 component polyurethane resin topcoat which is flexible, durable, weather resistant, UV resistant, and has good abrasive strength. Used as a protective topcoat for areas with heavy traffic or exposed areas.

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Floor epoxy topcoat solvent free

Area of Application

Ultrachem PU TOP is used as a protective topcoat in areas with heavy traffic or exposed areas such as:

  • Balcony

  • Ttraffic ramp

  • Car park deck

  • Trafficable flat roof

  • Plant room

  • Exposed deck


  • Resistant to UV

  • Resistant to weather

  • Resistant to chemical

  • Good abrasive strength


Comp. A (Enamel) = 16 kg

Comp. B (Hardener) = 4 kg

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