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Ultrachem PU Floor 3K

3 component PU Concrete Flooring that has high compressive strength, high adhesive strength, and high resistance to abrasion. Ultrachem PU Floor 3K is very resistant to organic and inorganic acids, alkali, hydraulic oil, and aromatic as well as aliphatic solvents. 

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Ultrachem PU Floor 3K PU Concrete flooring

Application area


Ultrachem PU Floor 3K is used in areas that needs high strength such as:

  • Warehouse

  • Workshop

  • Factory

  • Garage

  • Parking area

  • etc.


  • Easy to apply

  • Weather resistant

  • High compressive strength

  • High adhesive strength

  • Resistant to abrasion

  • Chemical resistant


Comp. A  = 1.8 kg

Comp. B  = 2.28 kg

Comp. C  = 5.92 kg

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