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Cementitious grouting

Ultrachem Grout UW

Underwater cementitious non-shrink grouting which has good flowability and high compressive strength. Grout UW can be applied underwater without undergoing significant washout phase when mixed with water.

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GROUT UW 25 kg (L1000xT1000px).jpg

Application area

Ultrachem Grout UW is used to fill gaps and repair concrete in underwater areas such as:

  • Underwater grouting pump or in tidal zones

  • Bridge columns

  • Wharf pillars

  • Concrete piles

  • Slipways

  • Dams

  • etc.


  • No washout phase when applied underwater

  • Effectively replaces water

  • Gas expansion system compensates shrinking in plastic phase

  • High early and setting strength as well as resistance to freeze thaw cycle

  • Chloride free

  • Easy to use

Packaging: 25 kg / sack

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