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Cementitious grouting

Ultrachem Grout FS

Cementitious, non-shrink, premixed grout with fast setting time, high compressive strength and good flow characteristics. Grout FS is designed for repairing concrete in which fast setting time is needed, such as concrete roads, factory floors, airport runways, etc.

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GROUT FS 25 kg (L1000xT1000px).jpg

Application area

  • Ultrachem Grout FS used to repair concrete structures that needs fast setting time such as:

  • Concrete roads

  • Factory floors

  • Airport runways

  • Railway crossings

  • Aprons

  • etc.


  • Fast setting time, can withstand force within 2 hours

  • Non - shrink

  • Easy to use, just add water

  • High compressive strength

  • Good flow characteristics

  • Non bleeding

  • Chloride free, prevents rust on steel reinforcements

Packaging: 25 kg / sack

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