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Ultrachem FET 201

2 component, solvent free epoxy finish topcoat what will form a hard, waterproof surface on floors to create an aesthetic look.

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Floor epoxy topcoat solvent free

Application area


Ultrachem FET 201 is used in areas that need cleanliness and aesthetics such as:

  • Warehouse

  • Workshop

  • Food Storage

  • Kitchen

  • Electrical and computer room

  • Production area

  • Garage

  • Parking lot

  • etc.


  • Enviroment friendly

  • Food grade

  • Good adhesion to substrate

  • Covers surfaces perfectly

  • Very easy to clean from dirt

  • No joints

  • Uniform colors and a variety of color choices


Comp. A (Enamel) = 16 kg

Comp. B (Hardener) = 4 kg

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