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Liquid curing compound waterbase

Ultrachem Cure WB

Ultrachem Cure WB is a water based curing compound for concrete made from acrylic based material. It is in the form of a white liquid and after application forms a transparent layer which will minimize water evaporation from fresh concrete.

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Curing compound water based

Application area

Ultrachem Cure WB is applied to fresh concrete and will form a transparent layer that protects the concrete from water evaporation, thus making the cement hydration process more effective, minimizing concrete shrinkage, and increasing concrete durability.


  • One component - easy to apply

  • Quick drying time

  • Minimizes cracking due to drying shrinkage

  • Make the cement hydration process more effective

Packaging: 200 kg / drum or 20 kg / pail

Color: White

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