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Ultrachem Crete SLM 12

1 component self leveling mortar for concrete floor repairs with a thickness of 6 – 12 mm. Crete SLM 12 can be used as underlayment and has a high early strength as well as a quick setting time so that the finishing layer can be applied on top of it as soon as possible.

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CRETE SLM 12 (25 KG) (L1000xT1000px) RGB.jpg

Application area


Ultrachem Crete SLM 12 can be used to level and smoothen concrete floors, suitable for:

  • Warehouse

  • Factory

  • Car park

  • etc.


  • Easy to apply

  • Quick application time

  • High early compression strength

  • Good self leveling qualities

  • Very good adhesive strength to the substrate

  • Efficient

Packaging : 25 kg / sack

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