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mortar epoxy

Ultrachem Crete ES211

Two-component, epoxy resin mortar in the form of a thick paste to seal cracks and used as adhesive in horizontal, vertical, and ceiling surfaces.

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Mortar epoxy repair beton

Application area


Ultrachem Crete ES211 can be used to seal cracks and porosity in horizontal, vertical and ceiling concrete areas. In addition, Crete ES211 can also be used as an adhesive between concrete, steel, ceramic, etc.



  • Anti-sagging properties, so it can be used on vertical and ceiling areas

  • Excellent adhesion

  • High tensile and flexural strength

  • Non-shrink

  • Can be used in dry and humid conditions


Component A = 4.4 kg / pail

Component B = 0.6 kg / pail

Mixing Ratio

Component A: Component B = 4.4 : 0.6

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