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Bonding agent SBR

Ultrachem Bond SBR

Ultrachem Bond SBR is a styrene-butadiene based adhesive, used as concrete adhesive or as an admixture to make high quality mortar.

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Perekat beton SBR

Application area

Ultrachem Bond SBR can be used directly as an adhesive layer between concrete and other cementitous materials such as concrete and mortar, and can also be mixed with mortar to form a high quality mixture which can be used as a concrete repairing material.


  • One component - easy to apply

  • Very good adhesion

  • Adhesion does not weaken when exposed to water

  • Increases tensile strength and flexural strength which allows thin application of mortar

  • Increases mortar cohesion and workability

Packaging: 200 kg / drum or 20 kg / pail

Color: White

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