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Perekat beton PVA

Ultrachem Bond PVA

An adhesive made from polyvinyl acetate in the form of a white liquid that can be mixed with cement to increase its adhesion or be applied as an adhesive between old and new concrete

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Bonding Agent PVA

Application area

Ultrachem Bond PVA can be used as an admixture in mortar to increase the adhesion between cement particles and aggregates, or it can be applied as an adhesive to the joints between old concrete and new concrete, concrete with mortar, and other building materials.


  • Easy to apply

  • Increases internal adhesion

  • High adhesion to other materials

  • Can make cementitious mixtures more homogeneous


Big packing: 200 kg / drum

Medium packing: 20 kg / pail

Small packing: 1 kg / pail

Color: White

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